The OOC’s Office of the General Counsel is excited to release its Report on the Occupational Safety and Health Inspections conducted during the 112th and 113th Congresses. This report shows the results of our first and second “risk-based” inspections focusing on higher hazard areas.

During the 112th Congress our inspections discovered 2,741 hazards. 2,869 hazards were found during the 113th Congress. We can report that most of these hazards have now been abated by the employing offices. Progress is also being made to address the fire safety hazards which are the subject of outstanding citations issued by the OOC.

During the 112th and 113th Congresses we received 26 requests for occupational safety and health inspections in which we conducted more detailed investigations and inspections of potential safety and health hazards that were of concern to employees and employing offices. Most of these findings for requestor-initiated inspections have been addressed by the employing offices.

We are excited to relaunch our Safe Office Awards for the 114th Congress. While we had to suspend this program during the last two congresses, we look forward to recognizing the safety and health achievements made by Member offices during this Congress. Additionally in the coming fiscal year, we hope to resume the publication of our “Fast Facts,” a periodical which provides safety information in a concise format to employing offices.

For more information about our office and to view the report in its entirety, click here. The public version of this report has been redacted by the United States Capitol Police Board.